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Nina Isi Davis

Nina joined the MSU Technologies team as Technology Marketing Manager in February 2016. She is developing marketing strategies to promote commercialization of the University’s intellectual property. Dedicated to building strong relationships with technology leaders in the industry, Nina’s goal is to facilitate the transfer of groundbreaking MSU technologies to innovative companies.

Prior to starting with MSU, Nina was the CEO of one of the biggest vegetable oil and biodiesel producing companies in Germany. Building a broader customer base, forming strategic alliances with other market participants, and restructuring large parts of the organization, especially in the field of commodity trading and risk management, were among her notable achievements.

Nina’s professional experience also includes several years of working as the head of the finance team and as a project coordinator at one of the pioneering companies in the German wind energy industry.

Nina holds a University Diploma in Business and Economics from the University of Cologne, Germany. She is an alumna of the prestigious “Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes” which gives scholarships to students with outstanding academic achievements. Her diploma thesis received an AKKU young researcher’s award in the field of socio-economic history.

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Technology Marketing Manager
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