2015 MSU Inventors

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Congratulations and thank you to the following innovators at Michigan State University who submitted new invention disclosures in 2015.

On any given day, MSU’s tech transfer office may match treatment and therapy plans with pharmaceutical or medical partners to better help treat patients, find a manufacturer for installing a new soil management system that allows farmers to grow vegetables in the desert, or pair an automotive company with a new technology to keep drivers safe.

This list of researchers represents the remarkable ideas developed every day at Michigan State University. Their creativity embodies the Land Grant college mission that began more than 150 years ago: Find practical applications for scientific research and technological innovations.

Achtyes, Eric D.
Ali, Kamran
Alocilja, Evangelyn C.
Aussignargues, Clement
Bachmann, Andre S.
Banerjee, Aparajita
Barry, Cornelius
Becker, Michael
Becker, Michael (continued)
Bedewitz, Matthew A.
Bedri, Hisham
Biswas, Subir K.
Blanchard, Evan
Blanchard, Gary J.
Blanchard, Sheryl
Bonczyk, Silas H.
Brundin, Lena
Bryfcynski, Sam
Bryleva, Elena
Burg, Allison E.
Campos, Marcelo
Cao, Kai
Carroll, Joanna M.
Charvat, Gregory L.
Chen, Chen-Huan
Cheng, Hao-Min
Cooper, Melanie M.
Cortesi, Marco
Coslor, Charles C.
Cronenwett, Bryan
Dantus, Elan
Dantus, Marcos
Das, Saptarshi
David, Isabel
Fan, Bin
Feigin-Almon, Micha
Garrity, George M.
Gaudana, Sandeep B.
Geerts, Dirk
Gewolb, Ira H.
Gonzalez Esquer, Cesar R.
Hahn, Jin-Oh
Harte, Janice B.
Howe, Gregg A.
Isaacs, Rufus
Jain, Anil K.
Kerfeld, Cheryl A.
Klymkowsky, Michael
Kozlowski, Steve
Kozlowski, Steve (continued)
Ledebuhr, Mark
Leverenz, Ryan L.
Li, Wen
Lillehoj, Peter B.
Liu, Jiankun
Liu, Xiang-Yang Alexander.
Liu, Xiyuan
Liu, Yan (Susie)
Lounds, Nathan T.
Lu, Xu
Mason, Keith S.
Morelli, Donald T.
Moslehpour, Mohsen
Mukkamala, Ramakrishna
Nookaew, Intawat
O'Donnell, Casey K.
Osborn, III, D. J.
Otto, Charles A..
Parker, Charles
Peng, Fang Z.
Prawat, Theodore R.
Raskar, Ramesh
Rechenberg, Robert
Ruan, Chong-Yu
Sakamoto, Jeff S.
Sakamoto, Jeff S. (continued)
Salas, Javier A.
Shi, Yan
Skrypec, Steven D.
Stebbins, Aaron W.
Sung, Shih-Hsien
Temme, Andrew
Ussery, David W..
VanderVoort, Christine
Vice, Frank L.
Wanchai, Visanu
Wang, DaYong
Wang, Wei
Wheeler, David
Winn, Brian M.
Wise, John C.
Wise, John C. (continued)
Worden, Robert M.
Yoshida, Yuki
Yurkon, John E.