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Executive Management

Richard W. Chylla, Ph.D., CLP, RTTP, Executive Director

Anne C. Di Sante, CLP, Associate Director

Janet Foreman, Office Manager/Executive Staff Assistant

Janelle' Flores, CHRS, Human Resources Administrator

Technology Managers

Find the technology manager assigned to work with your campus unit.

Brian Copple, MBA, Technology Manager

Ray DeVito, Ph.D., CLP, Technology Manager, Physical Sciences

Tom Herlache, Ph.D., J.D., Technology Manager, Agriculture, and Assistant Director

Anupam Jhingran, Ph.D, Technology Manager, Life Sciences

Brad Shaw, CLP, Technology Manager, Engineering

Professional Staff

Karen Chang, J.D., Agreement & Compliance Coordinator

Sandra Clough, Patent Assistant 

Aimee M Crouch, J.D., MTA/CDA Coordinator

Jen Folger, IP Finance Coordinator

Tracy Henion, Director of Communications

Kevin McCurren, Associate Director of MTRAC AgBio Technology Transfer

Ann Spalding, Grant Administrator

Reanee Unger, Patent Administrator

Angelia VanWoert, IP Finance Assistant

Jean Zwier, MTA/CDA Coordinator