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Corette: New dwarf cherry rootstock 

Corette, MSU's new line of cherry rootstock, lends both dwarfing and precociousness habits to scions, resulting in significantly shorter trees that flower and bear fruit years earlier than other varieties. Both qualities provide significant benefit to growers, resulting in trees that are easy to harvest and fruit faster.
MSU Technologies met with inventor Dr. Amy Iezzoni of the MSU Department of Horticulture to develop a trademark name for her suite of cherry rootstock varieties that include the cultivars Cass, Clare, Clinton, Crawford, and Lake, named for counties in Michigan.
The suite of rootstocks was named Corette: “Cora” is an alternate name for Persephone, the Greek goddess of springtime, flowers, and vegetation. “Core” is a nod to how a tree’s root is its base and origin, and the suffix –ette, used to describe things that are small, aligns with the dwarfing rootstock’s influence on the final cherry tree size.
"We're delighted with the volume of licenses and interest from four continents around the world," shared Tom Herlache, Ph.D., J.D., Technology Manager, Agriculture, and Assistant Director at MSU Technologies. "This suite of innovative rootstocks is the culmination of nearly 30 years of Prof. Iezzoni’s careful breeding and selection." 
For more information about licensing this technology, contact Tom Herlache