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As MSU’s technology transfer office, MSU Technologies (MSUT) works with MSU faculty members and researchers on the licensing and commercialization of inventions and copyrightable materials developed at the university. Our goal is to move MSU’s technologies from the lab to the marketplace to advance the common good.

Since the office was formed in 2007, MSUT has successfully negotiated nearly 100 licenses with companies such as the Garmon Corporation, Pearson Education, BASF Plant Science Company, and Michigan Crop Improvement Association. These licenses provide revenue to both the researcher and the university and fund additional research and education.

Find the technology manager assigned to work with your campus unit.

Technology Transfer Process

The first step in the technology transfer process is to complete an invention disclosure form. The form should be filed shortly after the invention or copyrightable work is conceived to comply with applicable laws, contractual obligations, and MSU policies.

Other Areas Where We Can Help

Other areas where MSUT staff can assist MSU faculty include: