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Su Jun Lim-Higbie: From basic research to a career in tech transfer

By Su Jun Lim-Higbie, technology manager at MSU Technologies 

I love science. After my bachelor’s degree, I did my PhD training in genetics at University of Rochester Medical Centre in Rochester, New York, and my postdoctoral work at the US government’s biomedical and public health research agency National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, Maryland.

BASF’s Metanomics licenses MSU software to streamline plant system data entry

BASF plant science company Metanomics has licensed cutting-edge software created in the lab of Yair Shachar-Hill, professor of plant biology at Michigan State University.

Shachar-Hill’s lab group studies metabolism and transport in plant systems, analyzing and modeling the fluxes through metabolic networks in developing seeds, arbuscular mycorrhizas, and other cells and tissues. The licensed iMS2Flux Metabolic Profiling Software is a command-line computer software package designed for high-throughput processing of mass spectral data.

Agricultural waste becomes food and fuel, thanks to MSU research

Unlike simple sugars or even starches in the grains of plants, such as corn kernels, cellulose doesn’t dissolve in water. This is good for keeping plants healthy, but it's a problem for making biofuels.

Before the complex sugars in cellulose and hemicellulose (from woody plants) can be converted into ethanol or other biofuels and chemicals, they must be broken down into simple sugars. Because the process is difficult to do efficiently, it can significantly raise production costs.

Building a Better Blueberry

Blueberries enjoy worldwide popularity thanks to their sweetness and antioxidant-rich nutrition profile. But the bounty of nature alone is not enough to keep pace with the heavy demand for this tasty, healthy fruit. Success depends on the introduction of new cultivars to meet the changing needs of consumers as well as growers. And for more than half a century, Michigan State University has been a key player in bringing new blueberry varieties to the table. Read more via MSUToday