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Where Are They Now: David Spears

While David Spears works as a patent attorney today at Harness Dickey, one of Michigan’s largest intellectual property law firms, fans once knew him for something else: MSU football.

“I came to Michigan State, I was football player there, and that was my life—and I’m not saying it’s a good thing or anything—but I was going to play football for them, and figure out the rest later,” Spears said about his first years at MSU, which began in the fall of 2008.

Where Are They Now: Kayra Hopkins

The Spartan fingerprint can be found many places all over the globe, but one Spartan alumna’s was a little easier to see, should you have looked closely at the credits of Pixar’s most recent hit film, Coco.

Kayra Hopkins, now a Technical Director for Pixar Animation Studios, once frequented MSU’s ivy-covered halls while she pursued her master's and doctorate degree in computer science and engineering. She’s also MSU Technologies alumna.